Community Tutors work at the heart of the Community

Cork City Partnership believes that Community Tutors have a unique ability to share their skills, knowledge and abilities, by  creating  an interactive, creative, fun environment for learning in community settings. They have a connection with people and are eager to support learners  re-engage with education and community life. Cork City Partnership is fortunate in that it works with many excellent Community Tutors in community settings across the City.

‘Talk to Toni’ – Margo Hayes meets Community Tutor & Former Chef Toni on location in the Kitchen!

In order to get a better understanding, of what it is like to be a Community Tutor I decided to “talk to Toni (Antoinette) ” one of our wonderful tutors.

On a recent April morning I decided to pop in and have a chat with Toni Mc Gorman, a cooking and baking tutor. I arrived to see five women huddled around Toni as she demonstrated how to make delicious healthy desserts. As I chatted to the group one woman, with eyes fixed firmly on a sumptuous fruit tart, declared she not only loved baking the desserts but also eating them at the end of the class! This view was echoed by the other women – as one of them then went to put on the kettle for dessert and tea…

This group of women initially attended one of Toni’s cooking demonstrations. They have learned a variety of new healthy dishes, cooking techniques and budgeting for cooking. They enjoy the informal learning environment and the opportunity to share experiences and meet new people.


Community Tutor Toni (last on right) pictured with some of the women that have participated on the Cooking on A Budget Course. They are now learning about healthy desserts.
Community Tutor Toni (last on right) pictured with some of the women that have participated on the Cooking on A Budget Course. They are now learning about healthy desserts.

Toni lives in Farranree, she worked as a chef, has two daughters and two grandchildren.

The beginning…..

While Toni was attending a “Do It Yourself” Course with Cork City Partnership, it came to light that she has a wealth of experience in cooking and baking. In addition to this experience, Toni has a natural way with people.  Quick to see an opportunity, Cork City Partnership asked Toni if she would be willing to give a short course on Christmas Baking in Churchfield / Gurranabraher. Toni agreed, the course was a huge success, and the rest, as they say, is history.   Toni is understated in her description of events “We offered the courses to people locally and they liked it”! People are still talking about the delicious Christmas puddings they made on Toni’s first community course.

The story continues….

Everyone loved the classes so much that further courses were developed including a ‘Cooking on a Budget’ course, designed to help people plan, prepare and cook healthy meals on a tight budget.


Toni says confesses she loves Community Tutoring, declaring she loves to cook and bake and is delighted to pass on skills and share her knowledge with others. She has tutored a number of classes and is delighted to see people cooking together and generating new ideas. Toni’s classes are increasing in popularity.

Our thanks to Toni

We would like to thank Toni for her fantastic contribution to the community in Churchfield / Gurranabraher and other areas of the city. She is an excellent ambassador for Community Tutoring, encouraging learning and sharing skills in informal community settings.

There is no doubt, in this case, that the proof is in the pudding!