Connect Call Service – Cork City of Sanctuary Movement

The Connect Call Service is an initiative of Cork City of Sanctuary Movement Covid-19 Task Force.

It offers a free confidential phone call up to 5 days per week to those living in direct provision accommodation, or who have been moved from DP into self-isolation facilities, and to migrants living in the community under lockdown.

The calls aim to provide informal psychosocial support and a listening ear, to ease worries and reduce isolation due to the lockdown. 25 volunteers have been trained to provide the service, which is being managed by the Cork Migrant Centre, in collaboration with Cork City Partnership and the Welcome English Language Centre.

Connect Call Service offers support in many languages to facilitate wide access by the migrant community. See below for links to a downloadable poster in English which has also been translated into 9 different languages including Albanian, Arabic, Czech, French, Lingala, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili and Urdu.

To access the Connect Call service,  contact Cork Migrant Centre on 086 824 6087