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Community Representatives wanted for Cork North West – click here for more information

Are you interested in representing your area on Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force?

If yes, you or a representative of your community group are invited to a meeting on community representation for the North West of Cork City on the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force.

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One pager on area based process for communit meetings_Jan 2018

Process of Community Based Consultation to Select Area Based Representative for the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force (CLDATF)

  1. Information and Promotion process: Community Groups / agencies & interested individuals invited to a community based meeting hosted by Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force
  2. Community Meeting 1: Speakers at the community meeting include the CLDATF Co-ordinator and sitting community representatives. The Chair is a sitting community representative who will give a power point presentation on the role. The criteria for area based nomination will be clarified and interested individuals will be invited to consider the position. A question and answer session will be facilitated.
  3. An expression of interest form will be provided at the event for individuals to take away with them and post to the CLDATF if interested in applying for the representative role.Interested groups / individuals write to the CLDATF with completed Expression of Interest form to register their interest in the vacant position. Groups / agencies in the area also write to the CLDATF to sign up to vote for the candidates.
  4. Community Meeting 2: Those who have registered expression of interest with CLDATF are invited to a 2nd meeting at which nominees for position present their qualifying experience to the floor. The groups / agencies who have signed up to vote for the candidates are also invited. A vote is held to elect an area based rep. from the nominees. One group one vote. The winner is 1st candidate past the post. In the event of a tie, a draw for elimination will be held.
  5. The newly elected area based community representative takes up the post and begins a process of induction through the CLDATF and received the support provided to sitting community representatives from the CODAAP project, at Cork City Partnership.
     Criteria for an Area Based Community Representative on the CLDATF:

    1. Must live or work in the area and be actively involved in a local non-politically affiliated group or organisation.
    2. Must have a genuine concern about drug and alcohol issues that affect the community.
    3. Must have a willingness to work the CLDATF board processes and be a link between the CLDATF board and the community.
    4. Workers on CLDATF Community based projects in the area are not eligible to apply due to conflict of interest.
    5. Engagement by young people (aged 18 – 25) involved in area based groups and meeting the above four criteria is welcomed and encouraged, but is not a nomination requirement.
    6. Nominees who work or volunteer with young people must have the required Garda clearance.


NB: For further clarification on community representation please see ‘Briefing Document on the Role of Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force Community Representatives’ as amended from the original Citywide© Briefing, May 2015.