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Cork Croí Fáilte Project

The Cork Croí Fáilte Project  (CCFP) is a Community Sponsorship Group that has been established with the support of Cork City Partnership as RSO.  The group consists of community members who have come together on a voluntary basis with the aim of supporting the arrival and integration of a Syrian family into the South West of Cork City. The CCFP group are currently seeking a house to rent for the family in the Bishopstown / Wilton area. They are also fundraising to support the family’s initial re-settlement costs, such as house deposit and advance rent, emergency medical costs etc.

The sooner the group find a house to let in the Bishopstown/Wilton/Glasheen/Togher the sooner our Syrian family (who have been identified by the UNHRC and Red Cross)  will be able to travel to Cork.

  • For more information on the Cork Croí Fáilte Project see Cork Croí Failte Leaflet

  • If you are based in or have links in the South West of Cork city and would like to offer your support to the Cork Croí Fáilte Project contact the group on email:

  • If you would like to make a donation to help the CCFP meet its fundraising goal and bring the family to Cork please click here

  • Huge thanks to all who have donated so far