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Primary Homework Support


This programme aims to improve the performance of children at school who lack the support required to complete their homework by providing homework support in a centre close to the child’s home.  17 schools participate in the programme and it is the schools that identify the children most in need of this support.  The clubs are held in the schools with the exception of the Mahon and Churchfield areas of the city.  In Mahon the club is undertaken on behalf of a cluster of primary schools in the area by the School Completion Programme.  In Churchfield  the Homework club is run in the local community Family Resource Centre in collaboration with the school.

A qualified teacher is employed to supervise the Homework Club.  This allows for feedback to the class teacher.  Each club is supported by the parents.  Play activities are an integral part of the session usually taking place in the last quarter,  ranging  from art & craft to football in the yard.  A light snack is also provided in some of the clubs.

The Partnership undertakes an annual evaluation of the programme.  Here is an extract from feedback from one of the schools:

‘We have always found the homework club to be of great benefit to the children, parents and teachers.  It gives the children most in need of support a chance to compete on a level with the other children.  They grow in confidence and develop a positive attitude towards homework.  Without your funding the children most in need would be further disadvantaged and be at high risk of leaving school at a very young age.’

In the academic year 2015/2016,  524  (329 female , 195 male) pupils from disadvantaged areas in Cork City participated in this programme.