Supplementary Tuition


This programme was originally conceived as part of the Johnson and Johnson Bridge to Employment initiative.  This programme was launched to support long-term collaboration and partnership amongst business, educators, community based organisations and parents to help young people from disadvantaged areas to build a better future.

The Partnership programme is now an independent academic support programme with particular focus on Mathematics and Science.  The supplementary tuition provided in the schools and funded by the Partnership, supports students with the potential to go to third level to pursue higher levels in these subjects.  The programme is delivered in small group classes  which provides students with an opportunity to meet like-minded students  which facilitates peer support and encouragement.

Another outcome of this programme is to increase participation from disadvantaged areas in higher and further education and training.  This has a very positive affect on the wider community.


In 2015/16  participation was as follows: 9  students  4 female     5 male

School 1  ……………..

School 2……………..